We have all new Bulk Vending Sticker and Tattoos in stock and are ready to start vending out of your machines. We have new licensed products as well as some great unlicensed ones. These products aren’t just any standard stickers and tattoos; these stickers and tattoos have some of the most recognizable characters to children today featured on them.Bulk Vending Stickers & Tattoos

We have popular themes such as The Avengers, Super Mario Galaxy and Monsters High. Along with these licensed products we have others like the Roller Derby Stickers and Tattoos. Along with the 300 stickers or tattoos you get, you also receive a display card free of charge so that your customers can see what the stickers or tattoos look like before they purchase them.

These vend perfectly out of our Sticker/ Tattoo Vending Machines and can be placed anywhere. Whether you have a grocery store, a hobby shop or even a diner, these machines can go anywhere and are sure to make you money. What’s even better than that is that 300 stickers or tattoos will fill up and entire section of you sticker/ tattoo vending machine

Get your stickers and tattoos today and start making some great profits!

 Happy Vending!


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