Here at Gumball Machine Warehouse we have a wide variety of bulk vending refills but the best selling by far are our Officially Licensed Cartoon vending Supplies. These toys, tattoos and stickers sell quickly from your bulk vending machine and are bound to make a profit. These toys vary from 25 cent to $1.00 vend depending on what the Cartoon Vending Suppliescost of the product is and what you want your profit margin to be. These are great products to have in your machines as they have name brands attached to them that children can recognize. It’s amazing what profits you will have if you are using a quality and recognized product.

Not only do we sell the bulk vending refills but we also provide the bulk vending machines as well. If you are looking to vend 2” capsuled products then our 2” Toy Vending Machines are exactly what you need to start your venture in the vending business. For 1” capsules, all you need is a standard Gumball / Candy Vending Machine fitted with a gumball wheel (without the riser attachment). For stickers or tattoos in vending folders then our Sticker/ Tattoo Machines are the perfect options for you. Each compartment holds 300 stickers or tattoos and has the same mechanism options as our other machines.

These toys aren’t just for vending, they are also great for parties or events as party favors. In fact, we have our DC Comics String Dolls for individual sale so that you can get exactly the amount you need and not have to purchase a case of 250 toys.

For all of our vending refills visit the Other Refills page.

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