The vending business has taken a large leap in the past few years, and one of the largest leaps was the cupcake ATM. The cupcake ATM is exactly what is sounds like, it is a machine that you can swipe any major credit card in Cupcake ATMand in just a few moments you will receive a bakery fresh gourmet cupcake. Vending machines never sounded as "sweet" as this.

We have seen hot meal vending machines before and up until recently the food has been, let's just say, sub par. What the amazing people over at Cupcake ATM have done is far different than what has been done before. This isn't so much a vending machine as it is an automated ordering service. What you don't see from the outside is that the Cupcake ATM is actually a storefront. behind the ATM is the hustle and bustle of several people baking like its nobody's business. These bakers load up the ATM with sweet treats when an order is placed. By doing this it assures that their customer is going to get a fresh product, and it will keep costs down because they do not have as much wasted or expired product.
Honey Boo Boo Cupcake ATM
The cupcake ATM is making waves, as they are attracting not only the everyday person but celebrities as well. People such as ex-Playboy star Holly Madison and "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" star Alana have visited Cupcake ATMs and experienced the amazingly sweet treats.

This is far more than an innovation for cupcakes and the vending industry but to our society as a whole. This could change the entire experience of shopping for human beings. The ATM concept can be applied to fast food, grocery stores, and even retail outlets for clothing. You simply search through the catalog, punch in what you want to purchase, swipe your card, and an employee gathers all of your products. I can only imagine how much faster this would make black Friday shopping not to mention the returns process would be far easier. There would be no more customer service to deal with and no more rushing to through isles to get to the great sale before everyone else. This would essentially be physical online shopping that doesn't involve paying for shipping.

I think that this is an amazing concept and se Cupcake ATM going extremely far with this business endeavour. The only complaint I have is that there isn't one in Michigan...yet.


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