We have had several dentist offices contact us and put in orders for bulk toy vending machines as well as bulk vending tokens so that their younger patients can get a prize after their appointment. We have taken the liberty of packaging everything a dentist office would need into one simple Dentist Office Bulk Vending Business Package that can be placed in the shopping cart.

The package includes:

Dentist Office Package

Dentist Office Vending


    Like all of our other bulk vending machines, this vending business package has options so you can get your bulk vending machine exactly how you want it. It is available in all of our colors (Red, Blue, yellow and Black), and it has the standard chrome trim. The machine can also be customized to accept 2 tokens as opposed to a single one. We offer all of our bulk vending stands as an option in this package including our Chrome Monster Stand. On top of all of this we offer the machine with 1,2 or 3 bags of Regular Mix Bouncy Balls to fill the machine. Of course this machine will also dispense 1.75” or 2” Bulk Toy Vending Capsules along with 45mm and 49mm Bouncy Balls.

    This is a perfect opportunity for any dentist office to make an impression on kids and make them want to come back to the dentist because let’s be honest nobody likes the dentist office.

    Happy Vending!