Do you have your own product you want to dispense and don’t like what is currently on the market? We have an answer for you! Empty Vending Capsules and Empty Sticker/ Tattoo Vending Folders are perfect for you to get your product to your customers. Whether it be trading cards in a hobby shop or coupons for your diner or specialty shop the Empty Vending Folders work great and vend out of any Bulk Sticker/ Tattoo Vending Machine.

We also have Empty Vending Capsules in all sizes whether you need the standard 1.1” acorn capsules or the monstrous 4” Empty Toy Vending Capsules we are bound to have exactly what you need. These capsules are functional but can also add an aesthetic benefit as the capsules can be purchased in a variety of colors for both the lids and the bubble part.

If your machine has trouble vending acorn capsules we also have the more modern Round Capsules. These capsules are perfect spheres that essentially hold the same items as any 1.1” acorn capsule can except they have that extra .1” of space that can make a world of difference. I personally think they look better as well.

Any of the 1.75” or 2” Toy Vending Capsules can be used in our 2” Toy Vending Machines and any of the 1.1Acorn Toy Vending Capsules or 1” Round vending Capsules can be used in our 1” Toy Vending Machine.

Many don’t know this the gumball wheel found standard in our Gumball Machines can be converted to dispense 1.1” Capsules. It is as easy as lifting out the Gumball Dispensing Wheel and removing the bottom piece which has a circular cut out then you are all set to dispense your capsules.

Happy Vending!

Empty Vending Folders Empty Vending Capsules
Empty Vending Folders Empty Vending Capsules