To save on shipping costs and to avoid damage during shipping we ship our Rhino Vending products in several pieces. This means that there is some assembly required by the customer and may warrant some assistance. To assist you, we have several instruction booklets for download on our parts and instructions page. We have instructions for the following Rhino Vending machines:

- Classic/ All Metal Gumball & Candy Machine
- Supreme Gumball & Candy Machine
- Original Gumball & Candy Machine
- All Metal Triple Vending Machine
- Making Your Gumball Machine Free Spin

We also have several instructional videos on our YouTube channel to assist in the assembly of your bulk vending machine. We upload videos weekly so subscribe to keep up with news, new products, and instructional videos. If there are questions that you would like to see addressed in a YouTube format, feel free to comment on a video or send us an email at

If you have any questions or just need help with the setup of your machine, feel free to give one of our customer service representatives a call at 866-648-6225.


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