Have you ever thought about using a mini gumball machine as a party favor? They are perfect for any occasion or event. Get a blue one for a baby boy. Get a pink one for a baby girl. Grab a green one for St. Patrick’s Day or when you close the deal that makes you some green.

Think of all the colors of gumballs there are as well. You can use them at a wedding. Fill those mini gumball machines up with the the colors scheme of the wedding and place on the tables for everyone to enjoy. Sure thing to be a hit. Same thing goes for birthday parties.

Spring time is here and it’s almost grilling season. What better way is there to keep your company from talking your ear off when you are trying to grill up some New York Strip Steaks or chicken breasts? Fill their mouths with gumballs! That’s right! They will love you for it!

There are so many uses for these mini gumball machines. What will you come up with? Let us know!