We have some brand new Bulk Vending Toys that have an element that makes them special. They are accessories for your mobile phone! Our lives center around our mobile phones so why not have bulk vending toys to go along with our most prized possessions.

The all new Touch Pen Danglers’ in Capsules are great for anyone with a touch screen phone or a tablet and doesn’t 2" Vending Toyswant to smudge their screen. These are mini stylus’ that use your phones headphone jack as an anchor so you don’t have to carry it around separately. The touch pen danglers are suitable for 50 cent vend or higher. In fact selling them at 50 cents a piece makes you back double what you pay for them.

Another type of phone accessory vending toy we have is the phone plug. These plugs plug into the headphone jack of your phone and they add a cool design element to your device. We have 2 varieties of this item, the Skull Plugs Vending Toys and the Bear Plugs Vending Toys. Each of these are also suitable for 50 cent vend or higher.

If you are a sports fan, we have new NFL Chainable Hats and Screen Cleaners which can attach to your mobile phone or other mobile device. Each of these items has a loop to attach it to your phone. Both of these items add an aesthetic element but the screen cleaners give you a handy way to keep your phone or device smudge free. Get these vending toys while they are hot and start making your profit.

All of these bulk vending toys can be dispensed out of our 2" Toy Capsule Vending Machines.

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Happy Vending!


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