You have received your Antique Style Transparent Gumball Machine Bank but you don’t know how to get your coins out. Well we have assembled step by step instructions and have even shot a video to help you along. These machines come apart easily and all you need is a quarter or a flathead screwdriver. The steps to disassemble your machine are as follows:

  1. Remove Top Lock with Quarter or Flat Head Screwdriver
  2. Remove Top Lid
  3. Unscrew the Nut That Fastens Down the Spider Ring (Gasket)
  4. Remove the Glass Globe
  5. Remove Bottom Ring
  6. Remove Brush Plate
  7. Remove Dispensing Wheel
  8. Lift Body of Machine Off of Base
  9. Remove Coins
  10. Reverse Steps 1 – 9

Here is a video to help you with this process

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Happy Vending!