The most popular and widespread gumball size is the 1" Gumball. These gumballs come in cases of 850 gumballs and have the largest assortment of flavors. These gumballs work in most standard gumballs machine such as our Countertop Gumball Machines or our Single Head Gumball Machines. These are also great for the All Metal Triple Vending Machine.

Another popular gumball size are the .62" Gumballs. These gumballs are the perfect size for the Antique Style Gumball machines. The large or King gumball machines can dispense 1" gumballs on the largest setting but the .62" gumballs are ready to be dispensed right out of the box.

The final gumball being discussed in on the other end of the spectrum. The large 2" Gumballs are a hot seller and work great in the 2" Toy Capsule Vending Machines. These are large gumballs that com in all shapes, flavors, and sizes. The size is comparable to our 49mm Bouncy Balls.

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