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All Metal Classic Gumball Machine Review | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on February 07, 2012

Once you open the box to your All Metal Classic Gumball Machine you will notice the high quality construction immediately. From top to bottom, this machine is solid. The heavy duty barrel lock, the metal lid, the polycarbonate globe, the all metal coin mechanism and the all metal base are built to last, whether one decides to use it for a bulk vending route, in an office setting or at home. The globe fits securely between the top and bottom rings. There is no wiggle room when securely tightened. The globe is also made of polycarbonate, which makes it shatter resistant. The all metal coin mechanism is solid and doesn’t have any weak spots that may be broken with multiple uses. The chute door is all metal secured within a metal body making it less likely to have to be replaced too often. There are a few reasons why this machine is one of the most popular in the bulk vending industry…durability, quality and timeless design. There is also the option of dispensing 1” gumballs, 27mm bouncy balls or 1” capsules which offers variety within the same machine.

Product Specifications:

  • H: 15 ¾” x W: 8” x D: 8” (44 ½” with optional stand)


  • 10 lbs. (Empty)


  • 345 1” gumballs or 27mm bouncy balls or 1” round capsules/can be modified to fit 1.1” acorn style toy capsules.
  • 10 lbs. of Skittles or 9 lbs. Peanut M&Ms
  • Up to $150 worth of quarters (more with optional slightly larger cash box)


Straight out of the box you can see it is securely packaged to protect from any damage during the shipping process.

Once your machine is unwrapped you’ll have to decide which product you would like your vendor to dispense. Below are the proper wheels and brush plate combinations for smooth usage.

1” gumballs, 27mm bouncy balls or 1” round capsules use this gumball wheel and brush plate with riser. Good for .86” – 1.0” in size.

1.1” acorn style toy capsules use this gumball wheel and brush plate without riser. Good for use up to 1.1” acorn capsules.

Candy will use this candy wheel and brush plate. Good for .5” – .76” in size.

The candy wheel has the option of adjusting the quantity of candy released during each turn. The adjustment is a simple movement of the flywheel into multiple grooves on the underside of the main wheel. This candy wheel and brush plate works well with peanuts and cashews as well.

The Classic Gumball Machine also comes in a variety of colors with either Gold or Chrome trim:

Circus Red w/Gold -  Circus Red w/Chrome
Black w/Gold – Black w/Chrome
Royal Blue w/Gold – Royal Blue w/Chrome
Canary Yellow w/Gold – Canary Yellow w/Chrome

Custom colors can be done for large orders. Customized vinyl decals can also be added to suit your company, school, team logos or any other personal styling for a minimal charge. Some vending route operators add small service decals on the machine to include their contact information should the machine need service.

High traffic areas like the top lid, the coin mechanism and the chute door are all cast in textured metal to conceal fingerprints while leaving the base and the hopper with a smooth finish adds to the clean look.

The standard coin mechanism is full metal construction and very sturdy. The coin slot accepts US and Canadian quarters. A variety of other mechanisms are available upon request. Whether you want your machine to use tokens, different denominations of US coins, or no coins at all? Gumball Machine Warehouse can also custom make coin mechanisms to work with any international coin or token of your choice.

The following optional Add-ons are available for this gumball machine:

  1. Black or Chrome stand: Mounting your machine on a stand frees up valuable counter space and allows you to place it almost anywhere! With a stand you have to option to place your machine in high traffic entrances /exits or out of the way in the corner of a waiting room.
  2. Quick access coin cash box: Equipping your vending machine with this add on will save you time accessing the coins inside the body. Usually, you will have to unlock the top and lift the entire globe off to access the coins. With the Quick access box, you no longer have to release the globe. The cash box comes with a smooth chrome finish (not available in gold trim) and can be mounted to face the front for quick access or the back for a clean look.
  3. Free-Spin Option: The coin mechanism can be set too freely spin upon request. When set to free spin, your machine will simply dispense product by turning the handle. No coins necessary! This is a great option for work or home. The machine will still accept any coin, making it a functioning piggy bank!


The All Metal Classic Gumball Machine is more than I expected. The quality is there to see and feel once it is unwrapped. It’s fully operational within a few easy steps. It’s small enough to put on a desktop and large enough to stand alone at a restaurant. The metal body/moving part construction and the polycarbonate (shatter/break resistant) globe make this a money saver in the long term for a vending business perspective. All in all, this is a quality gumball machine for a very good price no matter the use.


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