Just a few days ago we posted about our Duck Dynasty Vending Stickers well now we have Duck Dynasty vending toys! Welcome to the Vending Business, JACK!

These new are called Duck Tags because when you have Duck Tags  who needs dog tags , JACK! These toys are in  2" Capsules and are appropriate for 50 cent vending and 75 cent vending. The toys come in two varieties; the first being the  Duck Tags  by themselves and the second is a mix of Duck Tags and the ever so famous  Duck Dynasty Vending Stickers  (This time they are in capsules). Whether you get the Duck tags by them selves or  With the Stickers  you still get 250 pieces to put into your  2" Capsule Vending Machine

There is a lot of buzz going on around this show at the moment and there isn't a better time to start vending their brand. These are flying off the shelves at the moment so take advantage of it while you can. We are also one of the first online retail stores to carry these products so lead the wave and get them while they are hot.

You are sure to make money with these products  "That's a fact JACK!"

Duck Dynasty Vending Toys