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All New Rhino Vending Antique Style Gumball Dispensing Machines | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on January 07, 2014

As stated before we have just gotten some all new  Antique Style Gumball Machines  in stock and are looking to move them quickly. We have the same quality and same style of the leading brand, Carousel, but at a fraction of the price. You save  $10 - $15 off the price tag when buying our machine now during our January Sale. We have all sizes available. The  Large 15” (King),  Medium 11”  (Junior) and the  Small 9”  (Petite). Did I mention that these machines don’t just come in the stunning original red but also come in silver!

These machine are set to accept any coin as they are meant for home use or decorative use not commercial vending. That being said they make great gifts or as an awesome decoration in your home or office.

In addition to those antique machines we have a  Transparent Antique Style Gumball Bank . The machine is well made and by default it is free spin so you can put coins in to store or just give it a twist for some gum when your sweet tooth gets a craving.

This machine come in 6 different colors:

  • Clear
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink

All 6 of the colors are transparent and are the same size as a junior machine standing at 11” tall.

Reminder all of these machine are made with high quality materials. The antique style machines are all metal with a glass globe and the transparent machine is made with a high quality plastic but still has the glass globe.

Happy Vending!

Antique Style Gumball Machines Transparent Gumball Bank
Antique Gumball Machines Transparent Gumball Bank



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