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All New Way to Customize Your Gumball Machine | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on February 21, 2012

All New Way to Customize Your Gumball MachineGo ahead and show appreciation to your best employees! Go over and above as they do for you. Now, you do not only have to show your appreciation with an ordinary pre-made certificate or a boring, dust collecting plaque, but with something super fun and useful like a customized gumball machine for your “Employees of the Month!”

That’s right! We have ordered a brand new laser engraver to customize/personalize your gumball machine globes. Whether you want a company logo, favorite sports team, favorite school, single or multiple names, pretty much anything you wish to engrave on the gumball machine globe to suit your liking. So get your orders ready and keep an eye on this blog. We will let you know once the laser engraver starts customizing gumball globes…we can’t wait!

Come visit our website if you want a personalized gumball machine today!


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