Peanut M&MsM&M’s recently launched a campaign to find the best flavored Peanut M&M. M&M’s put out three unique flavors Chili Nut, Coffee Nut, and Honey Nut. As someone who tried all three I can honestly say I was shocked at just how good each one was. I actually wish all of them could be winners.

And the winner is…Coffee Nut! For years, people have been trying to capture to warm essence of coffee with the sweet mellow flavor of chocolate. Then you throw in a Peanut!? It’s a snack made in heaven.

Coffee Nut is not the only winner. A North Carolina man won the title of the official M&M’s Taste Tester after submitting his vote for the online poll. He may have won $100,000, but if he didn’t vote for Coffee Nut, it’s debatable how much of a winner he really is. Congrats to him.