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Antique Style Carousel Sports Fan Gumball Machine Banks! | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on January 16, 2014

Need an antique style gumball machine with a little pizazz? Check out our line of Carousel Sports Fan Gumball Machines. They have the same quality of their less sporty counterpart the  Junior Carousel Gumball Machine  or the  Medium Rhino Antique Style Machine  but have a sports theme attached to them. You have your choice of  Baseball Football  or   Golf !

These machines do not accept coins so they are perfect for your office desk or just sitting in your room. These can dispense  .62” Gumballs   ,or smaller, as well as nuts so that’s perfect for when you are watching the big baseball game. Peanuts can dispense out of this machine we just need cracker jack dispensing machine!

All of these antique style machines are made from a high quality metal and are the red color that carousel gumball dispensing machines have become known for. The mechanisms on the machines are also unique as they aren’t the traditional chrome handle we all came to expect with the Carousel gumball machine brand. The Sports Fan machines have either a baseball, football or golf club that you turn to dispense gumballs or other products. There is also a unique lid design made to look like a baseball cap. These machines are a great gift for friends, family or anyone who loves sports.

Sports Fan


Sports Fan Gumball Dispensing Machine Features:

• Real glass globe
• All metal base with plastic baseball cap lid
• Dispenses gumballs without any coins
• Machine comes fully assembled in a gift box
• Dispenses small gumballs (.62" or smaller), candy, or nuts
• Gumball capacity: 2 lbs of .62" gumballs
• Dimensions: 12"H x 8”W
• Weight: 7 lbs.
• Color: Classic red finish
• 30-day money back guarantee


Happy Vending!


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