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Baby Boy and Baby Girl Shower Decorations | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on December 19, 2013

Many mothers are expecting new babies this time of year, so there will be many   baby showers  being thrown during this   holiday season.   Gumball Machine Warehouse  has the perfect edible decoration to place in the center of your main table or scattered about in small servinig bowls. When your guest would like something sweet to eat we recommend   Oh Baby Pacifiers Candy  to satisfy the craving. These small,  hard candies  come in  assorted colors  such as:   Pink, Blue, Orange, Yellow and Green. Since they come in   assorted colors, these small   decorative candies  are perfect for   baby boys  and  baby girls  alike.

Since it is the silly Holiday Season, we have placed the   Oh Baby Pacifiers Candy  on sale for a limited time. The discount has already been taken on the   Gumball Machine Warehouse  website, therefore you will not have to enter any of the   Monthly Coupon Codes  to get the sale price.

If you are looking for a different kind of   edible decorations,  for any occasion, you can find small,   candy coated Sixlets chocolates, or   1" Solid Colored Gumballs  without stamps or a variety of   Shimmer Gumballs  and  Smaller Solid Colored Gumballs  in our  Gumballs by Color Section .


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