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Bulk Colored Gumballs by the Pound! | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on January 03, 2014

Gumballs by the pound, it's all the comfort of walking into a candy store on the internet! We have been looking into selling gumballs by the pound for a while now and it just may become a reality soon. We have had many customers call asking about gumballs for their child's party and not need as many as 850 gumballs. With gumballs by the pound that is no longer a problem. You can get 3 or 4 pounds of gumballs whereas a normal case of 850 is, on average, 18 pounds! This will save you money on products as well as shipping so you can use that money in other areas of your event. Not to mention you won't have as many pieces of gum stuck underneath tabletops.

One thing that customers have always wanted is to have certain colors in their gumball machine or at their event. With gumballs by the pound you can get 2  pounds of  Red Gumballs and 2 pounds of  White Gumballs to fill a themed Detroit Red Wings machine for the big game or maybe you are a Patriots fan and want to mix  Silver Gumballs with  Blue Gumballs. The possibilities are endless. this is also a perfect idea for high school graduation parties when making a mix of school colors. 

Here is a breakdown of some of the benefits of gumballs by the pound:

  • Save money on shipping as well as product
  • Not as many leftovers
  • Mix and match styles and colors with less cost
  • perfect for parties or other events

The gumballs that will be offered for gumballs by the pound are all solid colored gumballs with the addition of a monthly special gumball and the standard assorted gumball. 

Be on the lookout for when we start this brand new system!

Happy Vending

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Shop All Gumballs Gumballs by Color 1" Gumballs

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