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Bulk Pet Food Vending Machines | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on January 09, 2014

Not only do we specialize in bulk gumball/ candy vending machines but we have an amazing line of  Pet Food Vending Machines ! These machines can be used to dispense anything from pellets to feed corn. They are perfect for commercial zoos, petting zoos and even in your own backyard. We have many owners of ponds contact us for fish food machines that can dispense feed for their guests. We have also had Alpaca farms contact us to make them a machine.

These machines have a durable plastic body and a water safe design that allows for perfect outdoor placement. Not to mention that the UV resistant decals on all 4 sides of the machine protects your feed. The feed is also adjustable to how much you want to vend. It’s as easy as taking the dispenser out and moving it onto a different notch. This way you can control your profit margin much easier.

These vending machines also come in array of colors that include blue, black, yellow and, the fan favorite, red. All of the bulk vending machines can come with gold (While supplies last) or chrome trim. Any of these color combinations look great on any counter top but if that isn’t your style we also offer these machines with a  Bulk Vending Machine Stand  so that you can place the machine right next to your pond or animal pen.

Fish Food Machine

Here are the different varieties of pet food vending machines we offer:

If you do not see a variety of machine listed that you need the give us a call at 866-648-6225 and we will be more than happy to help you create a custom decal for your machine and determine if the pet food vending machien will work for you.

Happy Vending!


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