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Bulk Vending Candy Jawbreakers | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on January 31, 2014

Tired of vending bulk candy or gumballs? Check out our extensive collection of Bulk Vending Jawbreakers. The jawbreakers have a wide range of sizes including the tiny .86” jawbreakers and the giant 2.25” jawbreakers. Whatever you may require we will have the jawbreaker to fit your needs.

These jawbreakers also come in filled varieties. This means that inside of the multiple jawbreaker layers there is either a candy or a gumball center for a sweet surprise. For an extra surprise try the Buzzards Jawbreakers with Sour Candy Center! These jawbreakers have a sour powder candy center that is sure to make even the toughest of people pucker up.

The most popular jawbreakers, by far, are the Kaboom Speckled Jawbreakersand the Timebomb Candy Filled Jawbreakers. These products fly off of our shelves as soon as we unload them off the truck. Don’t waste time testing to see what sells best and go with what has been proven to sell! Both of these jawbreakers are 1” in diameter and come in cases of 850 so they will vend perfectly out of your standard Gumball/ Candy Vending Machine.

Don’t wait too long to get these popular products as we already have orders rolling in!

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Happy Vending!

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