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Candy Decals for Your Gumball Machine Increase Sales! | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on March 21, 2011

Although the cheery, brightly-colored candy and gumballsoften sell themselves, using vinyl candy decals on your gumball or candy vending machine can increase your sales.

If you have a machine that is just on the edge of higher profitability, some thoughful use of gumball machine decals and stickers can push it over the threshold. A sticker sporting the name of a particular candy can trigger memories in adults of simpler times, leading to a purchase. For children, it helps create a brand loyalty for a candy they may favor — and they WILL remember their favorite candy machine.

Brand loyalty is a powerful thing. Think about how you have remember things from your own childhood with fondness, or even how you have loyalty to things today? Even something like a smart phone or pizza company can inspire fierce loyalty – why else would people buy shirts with company names and logos on them? Seriously – that’s free advertsing for a company. But people know this, and don’t care they are not getting paid for it – because they have loyalty to a brand.

Same thing applies with candy. Brands such as Mike & Ike, Double Bubble gum, Boston Baked Beans and M&Ms are universal favorites.

Another thing to consider for your vending machines are vending machine service decals. Although these don’t sell candy per se, they do create a sense that the machine is being maintained on a  regular basis. It gives the owner of the location you machine is situated in someplace to call in case the machine is damaged or runs out of product. The sticker does not have to be fancy — something that reads “Call xxx-xxxx if this machine needs service is sufficient. Also, in rare cases, a customer may be temped to call with requests for a particular candy. Such a sticker on your machine would go a long ways to let customers know these machines are maintained by a serious business owner.

We offer a wide assortment of product stickers for purchase. If you don’t see one you need for the bulk candy we sell, let us know and we will work on creating one.


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