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Car Vending Machines in China | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on March 17, 2011
We have seen shoes, DVDs, books, and even iPods in vending machines, but China has taken it to the next level. Now in the one of the world's largest cities, Hangzhou, you can rent a car for a mere $3 an hour. This is all thanks to Kandi Kandi Tecnologies CarTechnologies Inc. They have vehicles similar in size to the smart car seen all over North America that can be easily stored in a reasonable space. 

These vehicles are also completely electric, and a charge will last for up to 75 miles. For those of us that live in large cities, we know that a car at times is unnecessary and will walk or cycle to work or wherever you may need to go. For the price of $3 an hour, this may open up the use of cars to people who may otherwise not use one. Not to mention that renting a car removes the monthly cost of health insurance. Since these vehicles are electric, there is no monthly gas bill for your car either. Now you may be thinking that once you are at work that you would have to pay the rental fee for each hour you are at work, nope! These cars can be returned to any vending station, so you could rent it from a station near your home and return it near your work and vice versa.There is also no chance the machine will be sold out of cars as each machine will be built to hold anywhere between 30 and 300 electric vehicles.

This is a revolutionary concept that could very well reshape the vending business as a whole. Imagine purchasing furniture or other home appliances from a vending machine, retail stores would disappear, and the vending business would be the largest market in the world. We went from gumballs to cars and who knows whats next.

Happy Vending!

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