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Coin Operated Fish Food Vending Machine | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on May 14, 2015
Summertime is here, and that means petting zoos, as well as the larger commercial zoos, are opening up. Along with this comes the flood of order for animal feed machine, especially the Coin Operated Fish Food Dispenser. This is a machine that has been optimized to vend animal feed and to weather even the toughest storms. With this machine, you are sure to have happy fish as well as happy customers. Fish Food Machine

You have several options with the fish food dispenser. This machine can be kept on a countertop, or it can be purchased With a Stand so it can be placed wherever you wish. We have had several customer attach these to fence posts, which is easy due to the pre drilled holes on the bottom of the machine. Another option that the customers have responded well to is the ability to adjust the amount of feed that is dispensed per turn. Allowing you to do this gives you the freedom to control your profit margin and keep feed costs down. 

We have included a YouTube video in this blog to show you exactly what you get when you order one of our fish feed machines as well as show you the inner workings of the machine.  If you found the video helpful, please give us a like as well as a click on the subscribe button. By doing this, you will allow us to update you on any new products as well as provide quality instructional videos. Not to mention that subscribing to us lets us know that we are helping out the vending community. 

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