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Custom Vending Machine Tokens for Your Bulk Candy / Gumball Vending Machine | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on January 18, 2014

Many of our customers don’t know that we also offer the  Bulk Vending Tokens  to go with our bulk candy/ gumball vending machines. We have 2 sizes of bulk vending tokens: .80” vending tokens and .984” vending tokens (most common). The most common token is the .984” bulk vending token which coincidentally has the most variety for designs.

All of the .984” bulk vending tokens are gold in color and come in either the  Eagle Token Design  or the  Dental Office Design . The .80” token only comes in the wizard design at the moment. Don’t despair if we do not have the design of bulk vending token that you want, we also offer custom designs. We also have many stock designs that you can choose from for your custom bulk vending tokens. For a quote on a custom design of bulk vending tokens please give one of our sales representatives a call at  866-648-6225 and we will assist you with anything you may need.

These tokens work in perfect unison with our  2” Bulk Toy Vending Machines . In fact, we just created a  Dental Office Vending Machine Package  for a simple and painless checkout. More information on this package can be found  HERE .

Dental offices are not the only place that benefit from toy vending machines and bulk vending tokens. Teachers can use them in classrooms as a reward system for his/ her students. That is a very big step up from getting a smiley face sticker for being good in class.

Happy Vending!

Bulk Vending Tokens 2" Bulk Toy Capsule Vending Machines
Bulk Vending Machine 
2" Bulk Toy Capsule 
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