If you’re searching for a customized gumball machine that takes international coins, Rhino Vending can help create your perfect gumball machine.

Although our gumball machine coin mechanisms are typically manufactured to use U.S. coins, we can easily have our factory produce the mechanism to handle nearly any international coinage (including non-round coin shapes.) It simply takes a few extra steps, and you have a gumball machine suitable for nearly any location on the planet.

The process for ordering a customized gumball machine that uses foreign coins follows several easy steps:

  1. First, review the gumball machines available and pick the machine that you need.
  2. Next, contact the Gumball Machine Warehouse to place your order with the following information for the customized gumball machine:
    • The filled-out Customized Machine Order Form.
    • Six (6) sample coins that will be used to customize the coin mechanism and test it.
    • A one-time payment of US$75.00 for mold customization plus US$15.00 per gumball coin mechanism that needs to be customized (single head is US$15.00, double head is $30.00, triple vend is US$45.00, toy machine is US$15.00) plus 50% of the total cost of the machines.
  3. If you wish to pay by credit card, call our sales line at +1-866-648-6225.

Our mailing address is: Gumball Machine Warehouse, c/o Sales Department, 6999 Metroplex Drive, Romulus, Michigan, 48174, USA.

It will take from four to six weeks for your customized gumball machine order to be ready. Rhino Vending will contact you via e-mail when your machine(s) are ready so you can submit the balance of your payment (remaining 50% of cost of the machine(s) + the cost of shipping).

We also provide the option to set your gumball machine to “free spin” (no coins requried) or to use tokens (perfect for an arcade or other location that provides prizes for games). Our coin mechanisms use drop-thru technology (to ensure the correct denomination of coin is used to purchase the product) and precisely-engineer gearing with a clutch systems to prevent vandalism.