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Deep Fried Bubblegum?! | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on June 02, 2014
The Texas state fair has always been known for it's amazing culinary accomplishments. Whether it's deep fried beer, Coca-cola, or even butter one never leaves the state fair hungry. Deep Fried BubblegumOne of the craziest things we have seen so far has to be the deep fried bubblegum. Imagine having one of our many flavors of Gumballs put into a ball of deep fried deliciousness. I can only imagine what a deep fried Pink Lemonade gumball tastes like. 

It actually came as a shock to us to find out that the deep fried bubblegum is NOT gum at all! In fact, a marshmallow is used as a sweet and gooey alternative. The marshmallow, as well as the batter, is actually soaked in the classic bubblegum flavoring that we all know and love. You would think that a marshmallow would be a textural nightmare, but it is surprisingly pleasant. Along with the main attraction, there is often bubblegum flavored icing as well as bits of chiclet gum.  This deep fried confection opens up a whole new opportunity for bubble gum flavored s'mores!

Keep your eyes open for these sweet treats in your states fair.

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