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Fastest Way To Count The Quarters From Your Gumball Machines

by Bryan La Rue on January 03, 2019

The Quickest Way To Count Your Money From Your Gumball Machine

Bryan La Rue 
Founder of VendingNation

In this blog post you will learn the quickest method to counting the quarters from your gumball machines. Often times vending machine route operators will have hundreds of machines and wont have enough time to sit down and spend all day counting quarters by hand. Putting them in stacks of 4 and rows of 10. Trust me, doing this is very time consuming, annoying, and gives your hands massive cramps once you are $1,000 in to counting.

Now granted you could go all over your home town and look for a coin counting machine that doesn’t take a percentage of your money (pro tip: this would be at some banks where you already have an account).  Speaking of banks, since you are going to be collecting a lot of coin, you will need a bank that does not require you to pre-roll all of your quarters into quarter rolls. By doing this, you will save a lot of time. So instead of getting a bank that does require you to pre-roll all of your quarters, you should look for one that just takes loose change. This might be a little bit difficult to find but just keep looking at all the different banking options you have within your town until you find the right one. Plus you won’t have to spend any money on any equipment to help you roll your quarters. Nobody wants extra expenses when running a business especially if those expenses aren’t needed.

Now you’re probably wondering what the quickest way to count your quarters from your gumball machines is. And the answer to that question is by weighing your quarters. You will need just one item to assist you in doing this. I picked up a glass scale from Walmart for about $15, you can find me scales in the kitchen I’ll of Walmart.

Each quarter weighs approximately .2 ounces. For quarters makes a dollar, therefore a dollar weighs .8 ounces. Put all of your quarters on your scale, make sure the scale is set to ounces. Then you take whatever the weight of your quarters are and divide them by .8 and you will have how much money you have on the scale.

Using the example in the video above I will break this down for you. We took the quarters out of the rhino pro gumball machine and put them on the scale. The wait was a total of 4.6 fluid ounces. We divided 4.6 fluid ounces by .8. And that gave us the total answer of $5.75.

This method works perfectly for when you are on your route. Instead of setting in your car and counting out each individual quarter. You can simply wait it on your dash of your car, write down how much you collected from that one location and then throw the quarters in a 5 gallon bucket or a coin bag. Then move on to the next location. The least amount of time that you spend on a location the more locations you can hit in one day. The more locations you hit in one day, the more money you can make in a day.

I really hope this helps you cut down your collection time! If you have anymore questions please feel free to check out VendingNation’s Facebook group where there are thousands of vendors that are more than willing to help you with any questions you might have about vending.

Also, if you would like to check out any of Gumball Machine Warehouse’s products just click the button below! Have a good day and I will see you on the next blog post.


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