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Gumball Machine Parts Keep your Machine in Tip-Top Condition | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on April 12, 2011

It’s a fact of life that things wear out, and  gumball machine parts will become a necessity at some point. Here are some tips about what can go wrong and how you should replace those gumball machine parts.

Typically, the following parts most often need replacement:

  • Polycarbonate or glass globe — the globe can get scratched and scraped over time, or broken in the case of the glass globe.
  • Candy Wheel or Gumball Wheel — this can simply suffer from cracks, warping, or other age-related issues. Sometimes, the wheel may become damaged over time from the gumballs or candy placing pressure on the wheel or getting stuck.
  • Cylinder key lock — the lock may become damaged by attempted vandalism, the key may break off in the lock (don’t worry, you’re not the only one), or the lock was over-torqued and now does not work.
  • Chute Door — may become damaged by children or by vandalism.
  • Body — this could become scratched, cracked, or faded or time.
  • Lid — scratched or dented.
  • Coin Mechanism — a cheaper mechanism can become over-torqued and broken or incorrect coins or blanks may become jammed inside.

Perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, many factories produce compatible gumball machine parts based on designs that are quite similar to one another. But not all parts are made the same, and you should carefully consider where you obtain replacement parts from. This is especially crucial when it comes to the coin mechanism.

Your replacement coin mechanism should have two important features (as found in our coin mechanisms) — a drop-through mechanism designed to foil spoofing by people using incorrect coinage and blanks, and a clutch system. The clutch system prevents damage to the coin mechanism assembly when it is over-torqued.

Replacing most of these parts is self-explanatory; for others you should refer to your user manual for dis-assembly and replacement instructions. The most complicated replacement are parts within the gumball wheel or candy wheel — in this case it is easier replacing the entire assembly, which is how most manufacturers sell them.

Most important, don’t go cheap with your replacement parts — used parts are already worn, may not fit correctly, and may not be sterile. Better safe than sorry! Gumball Machine Warehouse offers a wide range of replacement parts available for many brands of gumball and candy machines. If you have questions, please call us today.


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