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How To Build A Gumball Machine Double Head Rhino Pro | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on September 26, 2018

Building a Double Head Gumball Machine

You purchased the Double head Rhino Pro Gumball Machine, now let's put that baby together :)

  1. Put together your Rhino Monster Stand
  2. Attach the double head bracket to the Rhino Monster Stand
  3. Unlock both Rhino Pro Gumball Machine heads
  4. Remove both bodies from the Rhino Pro Gumball Machine heads, leaving just the base of the gumball machines
  5. Unlock and remove coin drawers
  6. Bolt both gumball machine bases to each side of the double head bracket
  7. Slide both bodies back on to the Rhino Pro Gumball Machines
  8. Lock both Gumball Machines

There we go! You have successfully built your Double Head Rhino Pro Gumball Machine! For more of a visual representation of this tutorial, please feel free to check out the video above!


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