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How To Change The Body Of A Rhino Classic Gumball Machine

by Bryan La Rue on January 03, 2019

How To Change The Body Of A Rhino Classic Gumball Machine

Bryan La Rue
Founder of VendingNation

In this blog post you will learn how to properly change the body of your Rhino Classic gumball machine. By doing so you are literally changing the whole vibe of your machine. Changing the look and the vibe of your gumball machine can potentially do drastic increases to your likelihood of getting your customers to say yes to allowing you to place your gumball machine within their establishment.  Sometimes a customer may want your gumball machine to fit the theme of their establishment. One way to do this is by changing the color of your gumball machine to the exact color of the business.

One of the key benefits to going with Gumball Machine Warehouse is that we will literally customize the gumball machine your purchase to be any color you desire. If you, as a route operator go out of your way to please your customer, they are less likely to allow a competitor place a machine next to yours. They feel as if your gumball machine is part of them and their business. This tip is used quite often within the VendingNation community as a way to establish a loyal customer base.

Although we’ve been talking about vending machine route operators in this blog, does not mean that changing the body of your gumball machine isn’t valuable for consumers who have purchased a machine for personal use. For instance, maybe you ordered the wrong color of gumball machine as a gift for a holiday, or you change the color scheme of the room you keep your machine. Changing the body color could also be a huge benefit to individuals who are into doing DIY projects!

Alrighty, now that we have discussed the reasons and benefits of changing the body of your gumball machine (specifically the Rhino Classic gumball machine) we can now focus on how to ACTUALLY accomplish this task! This project can be accomplished in 10 super easy steps.

1.     Unlock machine

2.     Remove lock

3.     Remove globe from body

4.     Remove coin mechanism, product guard, and product flap from the original body

5.     Install coin mechanism, product guard, and product flap into the new body

6.     Remove original body

7.     Replace with the new body

8.     Put globe back on

9.     Put lock back on

10.  Lock your gumball machine

And BOOM! You have successfully replaced an old gumball machine body with a new gumball machine body! If you have further questions, please feel free to watch the YouTube video above for more of a visual representation of this blog post. If you have anymore questions after watching the video. Please check out VendingNation’s Facebook group where you can find thousands of venders who are more than happy to help you!

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