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How to replace the glass globe of your King Carousel Gumball Machine | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on March 17, 2011

The King Carousel Gumball Machine is a work of art and source of pride for many who enjoy having an antique gumball vending machine in their home – but it’s sparkling glass globe can get broken. What to do?

  1. Its metal and glass construction and authentic design are indeed lovely. But with little ones constantly playing near it or turning the handle to dispense a gumball or piece of candy, there is a chance of getting the glass globe scratched or broken. Not to mention chances of breakage by household pets, running teenagers, inattentive husbands, earthquakes and the like.

What to do if your King Carousel Gumball Machine’s globe is damaged?

Easy – just give us a buzz at Gumball Machine Warehouse and we will get you a replacement glass globe quickly. We will ship to you the next business day, and your gumball machine is up and running again. Our handy shipping map will help you determine when your King Carousel replacement glass globe will arrive.

By the way, glass globe replacements are also available for the Junior Carousel Gumball Machine and Petite Carousel Gumball Machine models as well.

To change out the glass globe:

  1. Unscrew the top lock using a coin. Remove the metal lid.
  2. There is a nut holding the center rod to the ‘spider ring’.
  3. Remove the spider ring off the center rod and remove the broken glass globe carefully.
  4. There is a gasket at the bottom of the globe. Keep this, as a replacement is not shipped with the replacement glass globe.
  5. Place the replacement glass globe over the gasket.
  6. Then replace the spider ring over the center rod to hold the globe in place. Secure with the nut. Make sure you don’t overtighten.
  7. Replace the metal lid and tighten the top lock.

P.S. Want to really put a shine on your machine? We recommend 303 Aerospace Protectant™ to really make the exterior of the King Carousel Gumball Machine shine. Be sure not to spray the interior of the globe with a liquid. The candy storage areas and chute should only be cleaned by a clean, dry cloth.


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