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How To Service Your Gumball Machine

by Bryan La Rue on January 10, 2019

How To Service Your Gumball Machine

Bryan La Rue
Founder of VendigNation

What’s up everybody my name is Bryan La Rue with Gumball Machine Warehouse and in this blog we are going to discuss the proper way to collect from your gumball machine. Specifically in this situation and in this blog we are going to be using the Rhino Pro as our example machine for today. This specific machine is a single head gumball machine that happens to have a coin drawer. A coin drawer is a special compartment located at the bottom of the machine that allows you to quickly collect all of the coin from your machine. This machine also has a rhino monster stand that is holding it. We here at gumball machine warehouse, not only have this machine available but we also have a countertop version of this machine that comes without the stand for you to put on countertops either at your home or your office or anywhere a customer of your vending company would like to put it.

Although we do offer a counter top version of this machine, we are going to be discussing this situation as if you are a vendor and you are locating a machine with inside of an establishment for your vending business. Typically the Rhino Pro with the monster stand is a more typical machine that a vending route operator would be placing within an establishment instead of the countertop version. Thus the reason we are choosing this machine for this specific blog.

When you own a vending machine business, there are some key essentials that will assist you in keeping your customers happy, your machines lifespan long, and your sales high. These key essentials are as followed.

1.     Keep your gumball machine clean

2.     Keep your gumball machine filled with product

3.     Keep your gumball machine working

We will be using these three key essentials in our collection process.

The first thing I personally like to do is collect the money from the machine. You do this by going to the back of the machine, sticking your barrel key into the coin drawer lock. Unlocking the machine and pulling out the coin drawer. Once you pull out the coin drawer you can dump your quarters that you have made into a plastic baggie or a nylon coin bag.

After I collect the money from my machines, I put the coin drawer back in and assess how much money I have made. You can do this by just taking a visual of how many quarters you have. If you would like a more precise value to how much you have made you can read this blog to learn how to count your quarters efficiently.

Assessing how much money you have made and comparing it to how long you have left the machine on location since your last collection you can come up with an educated guess on how much you should fill your machine.

If your gumball machine is ¾ full and you have only pulled out $10 in a 2 week period, you shouldn’t have to fill up your machine.  But if your machine is ¼ full and you have pulled out $30 or $40 you should probably fill your machine back up to the top. Of course you should always fill up your machine anytime it is empty.

Before locking your coin drawer back up, go ahead and put a quarter in your machines coin mechanism and giving it a spin to make sure your machine is working properly. Typically I like to put the product that I test vend into a little Dixie cup and give it to my customers. Once you have assessed that your machine is working properly you can remove the quarter from the coin drawer and lock up the coin drawer into your machine.

You can fill your machine by sticking your barrel key into the top lock, pushing down and turning it to the right until the nut to lock comes completely out of the top of the lid. Once you have unlocked the machine you can remove the lid and proceed with filling your machine. Please wear gloves while doing this to make your customers feel safe that you are using proper hygiene and following food safety regulations.

Now we have our machine filled, and working it is now time to make it look clean. I like to use a shop towel or a rag and a basic cleaner. Although you can use a food grade safe cleaner it is not 100% necessary considering the fact that no product touches the outside of your machine. I like to just use a basic cleaner on my machines. Spray down the top of the machine, the globe, the body, and the coin mechanism then giving it a good firm wipe down. After you have cleaned the top of the machine it is now time to wipe down the rhino monster stand. We clean the stand last because it is typically the dirtiest part of the machine.

After cleaning your machine as the last step you have successfully collected from your gumball machine. Please remember to keep your machines clean, filled, and working for the best results.

If you would like to check out the rhino pro with the monster stand please click the button below!

Thank you for reading, I hope this helps,  and  I look forward to seeing you on another blog post!


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