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Ice Cream Sundae Gumballs | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on February 10, 2014

Our featured product today is our Ice Cream Sundae Gumballs. These gumballs come in a case of 850 1” gumballs and are currently one of our gumballs with the lowest selling price. These gumballs are unique and bring a fun element to any party or event. If you own an ice cream parlor or a grocery store then these are perfect for you to vend out of your Bulk Gumball/ Candy Vending Machine.Ice Cream Sundae Gumballs

The gumballs come in assortment of 4 different colors to create the perfect sundae in gumball form:

  • Cream - Vanilla
  • Brown  - Chocolate
  • Pink Speckled – Strawberry
  • Lime Green – Pistachio

I have personally tried these gumballs and they actually taste like their assigned flavors. You would think that chocolate gumballs would be strange or gross but they are actually very good. If the ice cream sundae gumballs aren’t for you, then try our Coffee Time Gumballs or our Soda Fountain Gumballs.

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