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Introducing The Coin Shooter

by Bryan La Rue on January 05, 2019

Introducing The Coin Shooter

Bryan La Rue
Founder of VendingNation

Hey everybody my name is Bryan La Rue with Gumball Machine Warehouse and today I would like to introduce you to the coin shooter. This table top machine is perfect for both the business owner or vendors with its competitive and enticing gameplay it will have customers playing your machine for hours! The business owner gets to keep the customer in their establishment and you get to take home quarters, which is most definitely a win-win!

I have seen a lot of machines in my 9 years of doing vending but I have never seen a machine that has intrigued so many people. Since bringing this machine back from the grave (which I will get to you in a second) I have put one in my office and every time a friend comes over and has spent more than an hour inside of my office they end up playing with this machine. And they get addicted!

This table top machine falls into the class of vending machines that I like to call “interactive machine” these types of machines are machines that you can interact with. Meaning it’s not just a simple put a quarter in to a mechanism and get your product. The customer of this machine gets to play around a little bit with it before they get their product. Which is really good for business, they see other individuals playing with your machine and they want to do it too. In the video above you will see a whole bar of individuals playing this machine.

Now speaking of interactive machines, I would like to discuss pay to play, or games of chance. Pay to play machines are machines where a customer pays to play the machine. They get nothing in return other than just the enjoyment of playing the machine. Now not in all states but in some states these machines require extra paperwork or are illegal all together. The benefit of the coin shooter always giving product to the customer and allowing them to have fun playing the game is it can get you out of all of those stipulations that pay to play machines have. This machine is literally the best of both worlds. You get the interaction that pay to play machines provide but you’re also giving product therefore you don’t have to go through as much paperwork (in most states, please follow all laws and make sure to check within your own state).

So there are several different reasons for getting a coin shooter. Maybe you are a vendor who wants an interactive machine but doesn’t want to have to deal with all of the paperwork on the pay to play machines. Maybe you are a bar owner and would like to put a coin shooter on every single table of your establishment and get individuals excited while they’re patiently waiting for their food. Or maybe you would like a coin shooter for your home and to have something to play with during social activities.


As you can see in the video above, you put your quarter into the quarter shoot. You then try to flip the quarter into a hole that is within side of the coin shooter. If you make the quarter into the hole, the owner of the establishment will  reward you with a gift. Such as a personal pan pizza, a free shot, a free beer, a free side salad. The reward is all up to the owner of the establishment. Now the best part about this coin shooter is whether you hit the hole or not you still get product. If you do not hit the hole, your quarter will fall into the coin mechanism where you can turn the mechanism and get whatever product is inside  the machine. If you do hit the hole, your r quarter will rest on the other side of the hole so that you can show the management of the establishment that you have successfully achieved the goal and you can redeem your reward. Once you have shown management you can turn a knob on the front of the machine and your quarter will fall into the coin mechanism and you can turn that coin mechanism and get product. Either way you still get the product that is with inside of the machine.

You’re probably wondering how as a vendor you can get in the establishment to give away a free reward for when the customer of the machine achieves the goal of putting the quarter with inside of the whole. That answer is really simple, you do this by offering a percentage of sales to the establishment. Typically we recommend anywhere from 10 to 20% of all sales. This way it will cover the cost of the rewards the establishment will be giving away.

Now if you are an owner of an establishment that you would like to put your own machines into your establishment, I would like to let you know that the likelihood of actually getting the quarter into the hole with inside of the coin shooter is unlikely. Although it does happen. The amount of wins will be much less then the losses. The profit margin is still there unless you get someone who is extremely relentless and practices 24 seven but then you can just work off of a situation by situation manner. Again, these are great table toppers and they keep your customers busy and with inside of your establishment.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the coin shooter. If you like to check it out on gumball machine warehouse just click the button below and it will take you directly over there. I’ll see you on the next blog post!


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