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Mike & Ike Bubblegum Dispenser Review | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on July 16, 2014
Our novelty bubblegum dispensers have always sold well. In fact, they have sold so well that we have completely sold out of the popular Hot Tamales bubblegum dispenser. Another best seller is this week's featured product, the Mike & Ike Bubblegum Dispenser!Mike & Ike Bubblegum Dispenser

This dispenser features a lime green heavy duty plastic construction as well as the Mike & Ike logo proudly shown on the front of the plastic globe. The machine stands 7" tall and takes up just enough space to get noticed by everyone that walks on by. Another great feature is that this dispenser does not require coins of any kind, all you have to do to get a tasty treat is push down on the black lever, located in the front, and you have a palm full of delicious bubblegum. The Mike & Ike dispenser is the only way to get the Mike & Ike flavored bubblegum so don't waste time as these dispensers are going fast, especially with the special sales price of $9.99. Once we run out of stock, we will discontinuing the product.

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