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New Bulk 1" Gumball Flavors and Styles in Stock | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on August 28, 2013

Gumball Machine Warehouse  recently received a shipment of standard   1 Inch gumballs for bulk vending  with a few new flavors and some   decorator gumballs  (non-stamped,   solid colors  as well as a new   solid color shiney shimmer gumball ) some of our customers may be interested in our wholesale pricing on our bulk gumballs to use for an upcoming event or to use on their route.

Some of the new flavors are:   Limeade ,   Pomegranate ,   Fruit Punch  and   Dubble Bubble Mint .

Our new Decorator Gumballs are solid colored and stamp free. They come in the following colors:   Green ,   Yellow ,   Pink ,   Red ,   Orange ,   Black ,   Blue ,   Purple  and   White .

Our brand new Shimmer Gumballs are solid colored and stamp free as well. They have an eye catching extra shiney finish to them. They come in the following colors:   Shimmer Lime Green ,   Shimmer Yellow ,   Shimmer Pink ,   Shimmer Orange ,   Shimmer Powder Blue ,   Shimmer Lavender ,   Silver ,   Gold  and   Shimmer White .

Solid Shimmer Lavender 1" Decorator Gumballs Sample Solid White 1" Decorator Gumballs New 1" Fruit Punch Bulk Gumballs 850ct per Case New Limeade 1" Bulk Gumballs 850ct per Case
Shimmer Lavender
Solid White
Decorator Gumballs
 Fruit Punch Gumballs  Limeade Gumballs

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