The Original Gumball Machine is crafted in the timeless style of gumball machines from the beginning of the vending era. This machine is not only stylish, it is genuinely solid! It is crafted of solid metal with a spherical polycarbonate globe. The large flared base, can hold more quarters and the large spherical globe, make it ideal for a vending route. It is also light enough for home or office use.

This machine comes firmly packed in a manageable sized box with Styrofoam along the sides to ensure secure delivery. Once the machine is released you can see the sturdiness straight away. The metal lid is secured to the polycarbonate globe with an all metal barrel lock. The all metal coin mechanism holds the metal chute door securely to the metal body. All fit together producing this solid machine.

Product Specifications:


  • 16 5/8” (45 ¾” with optional stand)



  • 10 lbs. (Empty)



  • 440 1” Gumballs or 27mm bouncy balls or 1” round capsules/can be modified to fit 1.1” acorn style toy capsules.
  • 19 lbs. of Skittles or 14 lbs. of Peanut M&Ms
  • Up to $200 worth of quarters (more with optional slightly larger change drawer)


This gumball machine comes with both a candy wheel and gumball wheel. 1” gumballs, 27mm bouncy balls or 1” round capsules use the gumball wheel and brush plate with riser. Good for .86” – 1.0” in size. 1.1” acorn style toy capsules use the gumball wheel and brush plate without riser. Good for use up to 1.1” acorn capsules. Candy will use the candy wheel and brush plate. Good for .5” – .76” in size. The candy wheel has the option of adjusting the quantity of candy released during each turn. The adjustment is a simple movement of the flywheel into multiple grooves on the underside of the main wheel. You can read a detailed description of both wheels and uses here.

The Original Gumball Machine comes in 4 color combinations:


Royal Blue/Chrome

Circus Red/Chrome

Canary Yellow/Chrome

The areas that see the most traffic, such as the lid, the coin mechanism and the chute door are all cast in textured metal. This helps conceal fingerprints and smudging that may occur in those areas.

The standard coin mechanism is full metal construction and very sturdy. The coin slot accepts US and Canadian quarters. A variety of other mechanisms are available upon request. Whether you want your machine to use tokens, different denominations of US coins, or no coins at all? Gumball Machine Warehouse can also custom make coin mechanisms to work with any international coin or token of your choice.

The following optional add-ons are available for this gumball machine:

  1. Black or Chrome stand: Mounting your machine on a stand frees up valuable counter space and allows you to place it almost anywhere! With a stand you have to option to place your machine in high traffic entrances /exits or out of the way in the corner of a waiting room.
  2. Free-Spin Option: The coin mechanism can be set too freely spin upon request. When set to free spin, your machine will simply dispense product by turning the handle. No coins necessary! This is a great option for work or home. The machine will still accept any coin, making it a functioning piggy bank!

The polycarbonate globe is shatter resistant and the full metal body and parts make this one tough machine. These qualities make it a good option for a bulk vending route. It is also an attractive machine, making it a perfect home or office conversation piece. The Original Gumball Machine not only looks good but is durable as well.