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Putting together your double head gumball machine | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on April 30, 2014

The first step in getting your double head gumball machine up and running is deciding if you need one in the first place. If you start noticing that your machine is emptying far faster than you can fill it then it may be time to upgrade your machine to a double head or a triple head. This is as simple as purchasing a Double Bracket and an additional machine of your choice. All of the following machine can be made into double head machine:

You will also need to decide if your Vending Stand is large enough to handle the capacity of two machines. This is particularly important to consider with the larger toy machines, which may need a 1.5" Heavy Duty or 2" Monster Vending Stand.

After you make these decisions and get your product, you can follow these steps to get your machines up and running.

  • Unlock the tops of both of your machines
  • Lift the machine up from the colored body and place to the side
  • Attach each machine base (One at a time) to the double bracket using the provided screws
  • Remember to screw from the top of the machine bases into the bracket
  • Attach the flange to the bottom of the bracket using the same method you did in the previous steps
  • Take you bracket with attached flange and machine bases and screw it onto your assembled stand base with the pole
  • Finally, replace the rest of the machines and lock

If you ave any trouble or just want a visual aid, check out the Gumball Machine Warehouse YouTube video located below. Be sure to like and subscribe for more instructional videos, as well as product reviews.


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