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Removing Classic Gumball Machine From Stand | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on September 25, 2018

How To Remove A Classic Gumball Machine From Stand

Hey everyone! Today we are going to be removing a Rhino Classic gumball machine from it's stand! This can be accomplished with 4 easy to follow steps! 

  1. Unlock the top of the Classic gumball machine.
  2. Grab the medal body of the machine, lifting it completely off (leaving only the base of the machine)
  3. Remove the bolts that are holding the base of the machine to the stands mounting flange.
  4. Remove base of the machine

And BOOM! There it is! You have successfully removed a Rhino Classic Gumball Machine from it's Rhino Monster Stand! For more of a visual representation, please feel free to check out the video above :D


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