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Rhino Vending Triple Vending Machine Maintenance | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on October 13, 2014
The inner working of the All Metal Triple Vending Machine can seem intimidating at first but once you get a good look at the parts outside of the machine everything becomes clear. The parts of the machine that we will be working with today are as follows:Rhino Vending All Metal Triple Vending Machine

- Dispensing wheel housing
- Candy wheel with brush plate
- Gumball wheel with riser and brush plate
- Candy cleanout door
- Compartment dividers
- Candy/ gumball chute

All of these parts can be cleaned with a basic non-toxic soap and water solution and should be dried thoroughly before any product is placed inside to preserve the integrity of the product. 

Working with Bulk Candy can be a sticky business and vendors need to be prepared for mishaps with certain products. Chocolate products can melt in the warmer months, products with a coating can chip, and gumballs can break. All of these things can jam up your machine and cause your income to drop significantly. That is why it is important to keep your machine clean and regularly check that the machine is dispensing properly. 

Follow the following steps to clean your Rhino Vending all metal triple vending machine:

1. Unlock the top of your machine
2. Remove the candy/ gumball wheel from their housing via three screws
3. Unlock the back of your machine
4. Remove the candy cleanout door
5. Clean all aspects of the parts with a non-toxic soap and water solution
6. Dry parts thoroughly
7. Place parts back into designated positions.

We have included an instructional video to help you through this process.

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