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Save Time and Money with a Cash Box! | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on December 27, 2013

As many people in the vending business know, time is money! Sometimes the constant unlocking and removable of machine parts to get to that oh so precious change can be tedious. This problem is easily solved with the  Rhino Vending Cash Box . The cash box is a heavy duty chrome attachment that replaces the base of your Rhino  Classic ,  All Metal or  Supreme gumball machine. This attachment creates a drawer for easier access to your earnings instead of having to unlock the top of the machine and remove most of the machine heads.

Rhino Vending Removable Cash Box


Coin retrieval without the cash box is not hard or overly time consuming but with the cash box you save precious time that could be used to service other machines or just to have that little bit of extra time I your day to relax and we could all use a little bit of that. The cash box will definitely save time if you have a multiple head machine or a  Vending Rack.

If you are buying a  Machine for the first time we can install the cashbox for you and it’s as simple as clicking on the drop down menu and clicking yes. If you already have the machine we have the cash box for sale as a separate item and it will include everything you need to install it. It’s as simple as attaching the new center rod to the cash box and placing the rest of the machine head onto the cash box and you are all set to have easier access to your money.

Cash Box includes

  • Cash Box Base
  • Cash Box Drawer
  • Key
  • Center Rod with Nut for Tightening

Happy Vending!


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