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Shimmer Bulk Colored Gumballs for Vending | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on January 11, 2014

Every wedding has the same table toppers/ take home gifts, those nasty little wedding mints that have the texture of chalk. Ewwww no thank you. Well instead bring some color and great flavor to your special day with our  Shimmer Gumballs . They come in all sorts of colors so you can mix and match for your wedding colors. I have to admit the  Shimmer White Gumballsand  Shimmer Silver Gumballs  look great together!

These bulk gumballs aren’t just for weddings they are also great for other events like graduation parties. I know my high school friends would have had a blast if I had gumballs at the table in my school colors. In the same aspect, you could throw an awesome Super Bowl party with the individual team’s colors in gumballs.

These bulk gumballs have a shiny coating applied to them that makes them stand out from other gumballs and really draws attention. If you are looking for something more pure in color try our  Decorative Color  Bulk Gumballs . They come in all sorts of colors just like our Shimmer Gumballs, but they don’t have the shiny coating. Both varieties come in counts of 850 per case and are 1” around in size which is more than enough for you to supply all of your guests with a decent amount of goodies. We also carry Shimmer Pink, Green and Blue in a smaller .62” variety of bulk gumballs, which come in cases of 3,650.

Happy Vending!

Shimmer Gumballs Decorator Gumballs
Shimmer Gumballs Decorator Gumballs



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