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Shopping Bouncy Balls by Design | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on February 18, 2012

Here at Gumball Machine Warehouse we pride ourselves on our bouncy ball collection which features over 20 different bouncy ball designs! Each of these bouncy balls is made with the highest quality rubber and uses the best printing technology money can buy. Bouncy Balls by Design

Out of the 20 designs we have to offer some of our most popular are the internet bouncy balls, colored maze bouncy balls and the ever changing regular and premium mix. The regular and premium bouncy balls have a mixture of each of our bouncy ball varieties as well as many other kinds of bouncy balls that we may not sell in individual bags. If none of these are what you are looking for check out  our  Bouncy Balls by Design  page!

Most of our bouncy ball designs are available in all 3 sizes: 27mm (250 per bag) 45mm (50 per bag) and 49mm (40 per bag). The 27mm bouncy will vend in any of our  Counter Top Gumball Machines  with the use of a gumball wheel, but you will need one of our  2” Toy Capsule Vending Machines  to dispense the 45mm or 49mm bouncy balls.

One good thing about buying bouncy balls in bulk is that the more you purchase, the better the price you will get. Any amount of bouncy balls you purchase under 8 bags will force you to pay the retail price for each bag, but when you purchase 8 or more then you receive bulk discounts. Please give us a call if you have any questions or need a price quote.  866-648-6225

Happy Vending!


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