If you have a sports fan in your life, you know they love anything with their favorite team or sport icon. And if they love to munch on some tasty candy or chew gum (great for those baseball fans), there are is a great gift option available.

May we humbly suggest the  Sports Fan Carousel Gumbal l Machine? It dispenses candy and gum (.62” and smaller in diameter) at the turn of a themed handle. Not intended for commercial use, the Sports Fan Carousel Machine does not require coins to vend – simply turn the handle for a snack.

The machines come equipped with handles shaped like sports icons: baseball, football, and golf. The golf machine is perfect for the  clubhouse, while the baseball gumball machine would be great for the concession area of the  Little League field. Also great for the game room in your house, or the break area in the office.

It’s fairly easy to guess what the traditional snack food is for baseball fans — simply fill up your machine with peanuts (we don’t recommend Cracker Jacks as their sticky coating requires a lot of cleaning), soy nuts, or traditional bubble gum. Football fans may be more tempted with candy, such as Mike & Ike’s or M&Ms. For the golf enthusiast, peanuts are a good choice as they go with beer and other mixed drinks typically consumed on and off the golf course. Of course, with kids around, candy and gumballs are always an excellent choice — just make sure the gumballs are .62″ or smaller in diameter.

Be sure to consider a stand for your Sports Fan Carousel Gumball Machine — it provides easy reach and you can place the machine in an out-of-the-way spot or right beside your lounge chair.

To properly maintain this classic machine, be sure and polish the outside with a high-quality glass or preferably plexiglass spray. Inside the candy globe and near parts, only a dry clean cloth should be used — no liquids. At this time, if you have the machine dis-assembled, you may wish to lubricate the coin mechanism with a few drops of vegetable oil.