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Starting a Gumball Machine Business Means Choosing the Right Gumball Machine | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on April 11, 2011

Starting a gumball machine business, and having it launch successfully, means choosing the right machine.  The right gumball machines means you sell the right amount of product, at the right price, at a minimum of maintenance.

The following guidelines are also applicable to your home use — you do not need a commercial-scale gumball machine for your game room or kitchen. For your commercial business, there are a number of characteristics to consider when choosing the right gumball machine. These are:

  • Gumball or candy capacity and the amount dispensed. Pay attention to the internal components known as the gumball wheel or candy wheel and how they can be configured. Some have numerous settings, others have a fixed amount for dispensing.
  • Construction of the body. Most gumball machines feature an ABS plastic body and polycarbonate globe. However, some models feature a heavy-duty metal body (usually painted zinc) and a glass or polycarbonate globe.
  • Coin Mechanism. When you are considering which model of gumball machine to buy, bear in mind the more robust and higher quality machines feature what is known as a “drop-through mechanism.” This is designed to prevent spoofing of the machine with a metal blank or incorrect coin type by having the coin or blank simply drop through into the coin box without vending the product. Be sure to ask about a drop-through mechanism.
  • Is your seller the supplier, a rep/distributor, or some other middleman? The supplier may be your best choice, as they are closest to the manufacturer of the gumball machine and will have insight into its characteristics and maintenance needs. They also may be able to offer lower pricing. 
  • Think about purchasing your vending product (gumballs, candy, etc. ) at time of purchase with your gumball machines. Not only does this get you up and running quickly, but it also saves shipping costs — which can be significant.

If you plan to launch your business with multiple machines in one location (only if you know the location is lucrative), you will need to choose between a stand or rack system. Stands can have two or three machines mounted on a bracket (it is recommended to use a heavy-duty stand), while racks can mount numerous machines. A rack system takes up quite a footprint, however, so it is wise to check with the site owner for their input before purchasing a rack.

Finally, remember your gumball machines and candy machines must be placed out of direct sunlight as much as possible, and should not be placed in areas with excess moisture or condensation. Vending Machine Suncards are available to help.


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