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Support Caleb’s Kickstarter | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on October 12, 2014

Baseball Fan Gumball MachineWe here at Gumball Machine Warehouse always like to say that anyone can start a gumball and candy route. We have sold gumball machines to everyone from children to retirees. Recently we learned about a young man named Caleb, from Iowa, who is having extraordinary success with his vending route.

Caleb is only ten years old, but has already started making money from his machines. Caleb even admits he started buying his own video games with his success. When his father realized he was spending most (if not all) of his profits on toys he did what any responsible parent would to, he taught Caleb about financial responsibility. From saving money, to reinvesting in his own business Caleb learned a valuable lesson about money and assets.

Now Caleb has a new goal, to publish a book about assets and financial responsibility in hopes other children will follow in his footsteps. We think this is an amazing idea and would like to spread word of his Kickstarter campaign.

If you go to http://www.CalebsGumballMachine.com you can watch his video, check out donation levels, and maybe even help the lad by donating to his startup. If you are interested in the book for personal or classroom reasons there are some great options to look into.


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