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The Three Types Of Product Wheels In A Gumball Machine

by Bryan La Rue on October 30, 2018

The Three Types of  Product Wheels For A Gumball Machine

Bryan La Rue 
Founder of VendingNation LLC.


Within inside a gumball machine there are three main styles of product wheels, the gumball wheel, the candy wheel, and the acorn wheel. Now these product wheels are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT because if you have the wrong wheel with the wrong product, you will have candy falling out of your machine!

So here is how you tell the difference between the two.

To the left is a picture of a gumball wheel, it is made of 3 parts.

1.    Brush Plate

2.    Dispensing wheel

3.    Riser

Notice how the holes in the dispensing wheel is round? This wheel is perfect for gumballs, bouncy balls, round toy capsules, or any other 1-inch round items!

To the right is a picture of a candy wheel, it is made of 3 parts.

1.    Brush Plate

2.    Dispensing wheel

3.    Sizer

The hole on the dispensing wheel is triangle, perfect for small candies such as, M&M’s, Skittles, Bonz, Ex. The sizer can be adjusted within the dispensing wheel to make sure your customer is receiving the EXACT amount of candy you chose to give out.

This product wheel is specifically for acorn toy capsules! If it looks just like a gumball wheel, that’s because it is. BUT there is one slight difference! In order to change a gumball wheel into an acorn wheel, all you have to do is remove the riser. With that being said, the acorn wheel is made of 2 parts.

1.    Brush Plate

2.    Dispensing wheel

There we go! There is all 3 of the different types of product wheels that can fit inside of a gumball machine.

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