Our  Triple Vending Machine  has been a best seller as long as we have been in the vending business. They hold more product, they take up less space and they are cost effective. What’s not to like? Our triple vends are made from high quality metal and have a limited lifetime warranty on the coin mechanisms. (For more information view our Policy). With these machines not only can you hold more product but due to the separated compartments you can hold 3 different types of product to cater to different tastes. Since the triple vend uses the same type of dispensing wheels as our smaller machines they too can be switched back and forth between gumballs and candy as well as acorn capsules. The machine comes with either a  Black Cast Iron Monster Stand or a  Chrome Monster Stand  for a small up charge. The triple vends, much like our other machines, come in the colors blue, black, yellow and the ever popular red all with chrome trim.

Rhino All Metal Triple Vend specifications are as follows:

Height: 42 1/4 “ w/ stand
Width: 17 ¼”
Depth: 17 ¼“
Weight: 52 Lbs
Candy Capacity: 15 Lbs
Gumball Capacity: 330 1” Gumballs

Change Capacity: Up to $300 in Quarters

This is not our only multiple vending machine. We also have  Double Head  and   Triple Head  machines in the  Original Classic All Metal  and  Supreme  varieties. Not to mention you could also mix and match and even throw in a   Toy Machine  on there for more variety and profit!

If you are looking for even more machines check out our  Bulk Vending Racks  and while you are at it check out our new  Blog which talks about the new toy machine options on racks!

Happy Vending!

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