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Triple Vending Gumball / Candy Machines on Sale! | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on January 25, 2014

Since we just got a large shipment of Triple Vending Gumball / Candy Machines we are offering them to you for $10.00 off of the price tag when you use this month’s coupon code located below. These machines normally sell for $119.00 for the standard triple vend, but you can get yours for only $109.00!

These machines are versatile as they can dispense three different products including toy capsules, gumballs, bouncy balls, bulk candy and nuts. The machine can also be made to have different mechanisms for each slot so that each product has a different profit. This machine features as all metal body, mechanism and stand. In fact, the only non-metal part on this machine is the front window panel and the dispensing mechanisms (for safety reasons). The machines save space and are extremely cost effective. It’s no wonder why this is our best-selling machine.

The specifications for the all metal triple vending machine are as follows:Triple Vending Machine

Height: 42 ¼" with stand. 
Width: 17 ¼"
Depth: 17¼" 
Pipe: 2 ½"
Base: 17¼" diameter
Weight: 52 lbs.
Candy Capacity: 15 lbs. bulk candy or nuts.
Gumball Capacity: 330 1" gumballs or 27mm bouncy balls.
Change capacity: up to $300 worth of quarter

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