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Vending Business Charity Affiliation is Key to Lowering Commission Costs | Gumball Machine Warehouse

by Bryan La Rue on April 08, 2011

Obtaining a vending business charity affiliation or vending outreach program is a smart move to cut site commission costs and give customers a sense of your socially responsible business.

Running a candy machine or gumball machine vending business is all about location. And owners of busy, top spots for vending machines know they can demand a hefty vending site commission (sometimes running 25% or more of your monthly gross) from your machines. So how do you cut down on this added cost to your business?

The solution may be simple: by tying into a vending business charity affiliation, the commission may be reduced or eliminated by the site location owner. Business owners are much more favorable to allow vending machines in their location that have a socially-redeeming function. It makes them look conscientious, and most are happy to help out local charities.

Obviously, you will need to first contact a charity and ask them if they have a vending outreach program for vending machines. If they do not, it should be a simple matter to send up a donation agreement that spells out how much you plan to donate, when those donations will be sent to the charity, etc. Be sure to ask for literature, stickers for your vending machines, and a letter of introduction and/or official statement of what you are providing to the charity — so you can prove to the site owner your vending business charity affiliation.

Charities span the gamut of nearly any need in society you can think of, from those that donate to disease fighting and prevention, to missed children, women’s abuse, and wounded police officers.

The following is a short list of charities that may offer vending outreach programs. We do not endorse or promote any of these sites, and you should check with your Secretary of State or Attorneys General for information on the charity you are considering an affiliation with.

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